Endocrinology & Obstetric Medicine


Diabetes mellitus is Australia’s fastest growing chronic disease. Type 1 disease is an auto immune disorder. Type 2 diabetes, is more common and associated with other metabolic disorders. Numerous advances have occurred with the development of new oral hypoglycaemic agents, targeting new pathways in the body. Novel injectable agents and delivery devices have resulted in the patient being able to attain blood sugar control like never before. The clinic also offers consultation on – thyroid disorders, osteoporosis, endocrine malignancy and general endocrinology.

Obstetric medicine deals with medical problems in pregnancy. Pregnancy is an important phase in a women’s life. Increasingly women with chronic medical conditions are successfully seeking pregnancy. It is well established now that optimal management of medical conditions in pregnancy improves outcomes for the mother and baby. At SAMS an obstetric medicine clinic will address these issues and collaborate with the patient’s obstetricians.